Welcome to the Corner of Main and Wild – the official blog of the Institute for Nature and Leadership!  We’ve just come back from a strategy retreat in the northlands of Wisconsin and have brought along with us a new vision — what’s needed in the world is an online gathering place, kind of like sitting around a real campfire – only virtual, where people like us can gather to hatch our great ideas – both big and small, which require effective personal leadership and enable our greatest gifts to the world to emerge in this time of great need.

What we’re talking about here is creating the space and support for our vocations – our calling, if you will — that which is worthy and requires great dedication and perseverance to emerge and get legs.  If you’re lucky, this is the job you wake up to most days.  If not, then pull up a log and sit down.  Either way, we’ll raise issues, we’ll call you out when you need a kick in the keister and beat the drum when (not if) you succeed.

You know what we’re talking about here.  You wake up in the middle of the night from an incredible dream (or not) — regardless, you’re awake —  and you’ve got this nagging thought that you’re not making the best use of your talents and time.  You’re far more talented and have a lot more to offer than how you’re using your time in an average day.     And oh, by the way, the world you see around you is crying out for the aid and healing that only you can give.  Yes, you.   And then it hits you…that cubicle (whether it’s physical or imagined) you work in – IS JUST TOO SMALL FOR YOU.

So, this blog is going to invite you to BREAK OUT.   We’re not shrinks, job counselors or life coaches.  No way.  INL is not going to fix your life, your psyche, or coach you to find a well-paying job.  That’s way too easy.

We’re going to invite you to BREAK OUT in a very special, very rooted and very natural way — by guiding you to learn from a mentor who’s been right in front of you all along (I hear ruby slippers clicking) — Mother Nature.  Huh?   We’re going to guide you to learn from the  “Mutha” herself.  You know, life’s been around for 3.8 billion years – each life form evolving to its highest potential or highest contribution to the well-being of the entire planet.  Wouldn’t it be great for us humans to do that too by learning from the natural ones?    We at INL have been doing this on the land and waters with people just like you for the past seven years.

It’s about time that we at INL opened this work up to a wider audience — to you, wherever you are.   We used to call this nature-based professional development.  Too small.  It’s way larger than this, and oh, by the way, that sounded too much like a job  So what we really mean is nature-based vocational emergence.

So come on, pull up a seat and join the campfire for more — we’ll debate, dialogue and dare you to become your LARGEST SELF – and “Mutha” will bow her head in deep gratitude to you.




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